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Teachable Moments Book: If you think education has changed since you were in school, you’re right – and not all the changes are in the curriculum. Today’s students deal with the most complex human issues, proving that schools are microcosms of the larger world. With expert storytelling and the wisdom of the author’s experience, this book raises the veil on what really happens in Midwestern schools. If you’re a parent, you may learn more effective ways to talk with your kids. If you’re an educator, you’ll pick up new ways of handling difficult situations. And if you’re concerned about education, you’ll gain an in-depth perspective about the delicate balance educators and families face. Teachable Moments reminds us that underneath the problems to be tackled in education are individual students with diverse needs. This insider’s guide will open your eyes to the challenges of meeting those needs day by day. Topics covered include: Pregnancy, Poor Choices; Clothing; Pharming; Chinese Education/American Sports; Testing; Zero Tolerance among many others.


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Teachable Moments Scenarios: This series of scenarios are designed as role plays to be run with a facilitator, a ‘student’ and a ‘trusted adult’ (the roles of student and trusted adult can be anyone on your staff). It is interactive because other members of the staff can provide different points of view in an open and honest discussion. In fact, the dialogue that will come from these scenarios will yield treasures of insight to skills of faculty members, and the usefulness of procedures to handling issues within each school or district. The dialogue cannot be scripted or predetermined as schools will only get out of it what they put into it. An outside facilitator is suggested so conversations can be open and honest. Topics cover three different situations regarding Sexual activity; Listening/Audible Illusions; Suicide; Harassment and Hygiene.

• Price: $200 plus shipping for one copy which can be copied four times for a total of five copies.

• Contact author at tmbook@yahoo.com to discuss facilitator options.


Teachable Moments Scenarios:

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Stress Relievers: A random selection of three hand held manipulatives to be used as stress relievers and to provide sensory/tactile involvement.


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