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About | Teachable Moments | Mary Snyder


Writing this book started out as an answer to this question. “You’re a school counselor….so
what do you do all day?” As I caught myself answering this question to people, I decided to
write down some of my more memorable experiences.

And then, after back surgery in the fall of 2003, I recuperated at home and ventured out a bit
during the day for fresh air. It occurred to me that people in the community had no idea how
hard the teachers were working inside the schools of their neighborhoods. While at a coffee
shop, or other place where groups gathered, I would hear people upset with schools for (insert
any reason here). “Someone should write a book about a typical day and how much goes on
under the school roof!” I thought. Recuperating after another surgery in the fall of 2010 was
when I got serious about writing. The stories I had written down earlier were weaved in with my
thoughts and opinions about a few topics. Those humble beginnings turned into a book format
and here we are!

The stories are gleaned from the elementary and middle school situations abundant under the rooftops of the five different districts where I’ve worked, including rural and suburban, private and public, large and small elementary and middle school in MN and IA.

Teachable Moments not only shares the stories, but uses stories to explain school policy and procedure. I invite you to join me in a typical school day in the Midwest!

I trust your journey will be enlightening, entertaining and educational.


Mary Snyder was born in Rutland, Iowa and raised on a small family farm in Storm Lake, Iowa. She attended Storm Lake St. Mary’s school. Upon graduation Mary moved to MN where she earned her bachelor’s degree and worked for the next twelve years. Mary then returned to Iowa to earn her master’s degree and continue her work in the K-12 school system.