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Reviews | Teachable Moments | Mary Snyder


“Too much education policy these days is being decided by politicians who remember their
own school days but haven’t set foot in a school for years. Mary Snyder’s book takes the reader
inside a profoundly changed school environment.”

Richard Doak
Lecturer, Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication
Iowa State University

St. Augustine, himself a great teacher, once wrote: “That there be a beginning man was created
before whom there was nothing.” Augustine did not mean there were no things around before
us, but that the very principle of “beginning” happens when there are human beings. Each
of us is a new initiative, a new “beginning.” What shines through the very well written prose
and thinking of Mary Snyder is a teacher’s art. Teachers know that each student is always a
“someone” who is starting something new in the world. A teacher helps each student to make
progress on the road of that beginning and reach a beautiful completion. “Teachable Moments”
is a wonderful text of conversations between a teacher and various students, the main plot
being their lives. The subplot is: “here is what it means to be a teacher.”

Daniel Cardinal DiNardo
Archbishop of Galveston/Houston

“If you want to be enlightened and understand what truly happens during a school counselor’s day,
this book is a must-read. With engaging prose and honest stories, Ms. Snyder writes from the heart to
vividly illustrate the complex work of a school counselor and the challenges and successes shared with
her middle-school students. This book should be required reading for any future educator and parents
of middle-school students.”
Dr. Angie Hood
Elementary Counselor

“Teachable Moments brings to the forefront many of the legal and educational limitations placed on
teachers and counselors in today’s public school system. Factual and at times heart wrenching stories
representing students are woven throughout the book, reminding us of the true business of education
that often gets lost within educational bureaucracy.”
Don Thatcher

“I’ve read many books on school counseling, but what I’ve found to be most helpful is learning from
the real life accounts and experiences of those with first hand knowledge. I learned so much from
Teachable Moments that I even took notes!”
Ashley Danner
Counseling Student

“Teachable Moments provides a view of a world few of us every truly see; that of daily life in our local
schools. A must read for parents, future educators and even students, Mary Snyder paints a personal
picture of all that goes into bringing success to our children and their futures.”
Joe and Karen Merrill

“A book that helps us understand what goes on in the lives of our adolescent children, Teachable
Moments helps us understand what to look for and how to assure that the team of parent/
guardians, educators, school staff, and the community ‘wrap around’ our children to address the
plethora of needs each carries. Mary Snyder takes her years of experience supporting young
teens and shows us how much there is to both learn and to gain, personally, when we take the
time to listen, care, and walk with young people.”
Sandy Maskell
Certified Social Worker
Director, Brand Protection, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America


“Between grade school and High School lies a magical changing bag, a transformative cocoon and
for many, a black hole. Children go in and teens come out and no-one knows exactly how, though
virtual libraries have been written on the subject. Teachable Moments will not teach you how
to navigate this emotional Bermuda Triangle. But it will give you a clear look at some of the life
altering situations you or someone you know may have to face. It may help you unravel some
knots or at least give you some perspective. It is a deep look into a magical world: you will enjoy it.”
J. W. Rickert
Pastoral Associate
National Teen Retreat Director
Minister through the Performing Arts


“Mary Snyder creatively weaves real stories with education philosophy and current best practices. It
makes for an informative and entertaining read.”
Jim Robidoux
Teacher, Coach, and Business owner.

“Teachable Moments sheds a rare and unique light onto the work of a professional school counselor.”
Steve Arneson
School Counselor and Coach

“A powerful and moving personal account of life in our schools. Mary Snyder provides unique insights
to the experiences of teachers, counselors and students as they navigate that journey of public school
life together. A great read, especially for parents.”
Mark McCurdy

“This memoir tugs at my heart as an educator of twenty years. I applaud this concise collection of one
professional’s lifetime experiences in the field of educational counseling. What a gift of inspiration to
parents, teachers, and all who daily influence these young individuals.”
Linette Mace
Instructor of Talented and Gifted